Act Now App, our new product is not a product: it’s a solution

Act Now App, our new product is not a product: it’s a solution

As you have surely read in this blog, from the beginning it's logic has wanted to be more than a company. That's why we wanted to put our purpose (to act now to make a better planet) in the center of everything we do. And we mean it: that's why every week we spend a part of the day cleaning with our own hands the forest near the office.

But we kept asking ourselves the same question over and over: how could we involve more people? What could we do so that anyone who wanted to act now could do so?

After several months of work, today, on the International Day of Climate Action, we presented our proposal. It is the Act Now app, a platform that helps you act now for the planet and connect with all those who want a better world.


How does the Act Now app help you?

We’re sure that near your home or work there is an area that has not escaped the contamination of plastics and other waste: green areas, parks, forests... And we’re also sure you have thought about doing something. Well, thanks to Act Now, you can carry out your action in that area, registering the different types of waste you collect.

But that's not all, you can also show the before and after of the area where you have acted and share it with the rest of the members. Is there a better way to invite others to act in their environment?


Discover, connect, act

The Act Now app is also the largest global platform for organizing environmental events. But we don't say this: you can say it! Why? Because you can organize your own events and also sign up for others. Can you think of a better way to connect with people and organizations that have the same priorities as you?

Just look up what events are taking place in your area and in a couple of clicks you'll be signed up.

Act Now is our contribution to the fight against climate change. A platform where everyone has the same role. A platform with a purpose of change. A platform for hope. That's why we have decided to make the app free of charge.


Because change starts with us.
Because that’s the logic.
Because it is time #ActNow
The Act Now App will be available soon in Apple App Store and also Google Play. Want to know when? Follow un on Instagram and stay tuned!