#ActNow: Our contribution against coronavirus crisis

#ActNow: Our contribution against coronavirus crisis

There are times in life when the priorities are very clear, also for business. Like many other companies, the coronavirus crisis has affected our activity. But this has not been an excuse for us to ask ourselves from the outset: "What can we do to help?"

When we decided that our philosophy should be summarized in the formula #ActNow, we were very clear about what we meant. #ActNow is about making decisions, moving forward, working to find solutions that will help us be better. To all of us. From intelligently (and logically) designed products to environmental care initiatives, and also to help in any way at times like these.

So what did we do? Helping everyone who is helping. How? Guillermo, CEO of it's logic, tells you in the following video.

From here we want to send a special thanks to all the people who put their grain of sand to get these masks. Little by little, a little becomes a lot!

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