Brands we logically like: Rebérvere

Brands we logically like: Rebérvere

Have you ever thought about a garment that would fit in many different situations? Well, the founders of Revérbere have! This brand of women's clothing has created a concept that thanks to its design, helps us to buy less clothes.

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Tell us more about Rebérvere and its purpose

Rebérvere is a brand of original women's clothing made in halves, reversible and multi-position. We say made in halves because each garment is made up of two parts (left half and right half). Reversible because each of these halves has an exterior colour or pattern, and an interior one, being able to change the colour depending on the mood or what we are looking for at any given time. Multiposition because these two halves can be joined together in many different ways: with a basic knot on the left or right, with a knot at the front or back, with the help of a washer, etc.

All this makes the clothes we design very versatile.

How did the brand come about?

Rocío and I (Angelina) met while studying Fashion Design. As we got to know each other, we realized that both of us thought that current fashion was stagnating and we started to devise systems to renew it. During our studies, especially during the last year, many ideas came up that we would later shape under the "Rebérvere" brand.


What are your main products and initiatives?

By designing such versatile clothing we have several main objectives: to reduce consumption, and to encourage creativity and the ability to express oneself.

In the current textile system, we usually end up getting tired of the clothes we buy before the garment deteriorates. By making clothes so versatile we greatly reduce the number of times a person sees their blouse or dress in the same shape and colour. Each time they can wear it in a different way, each time they will look like different blouses or dresses, and therefore we will reduce the repetitiveness of the garment. The result is that the garment lasts longer in the wardrobe and reduces the need to renovate the wardrobe and therefore to buy it. On the other hand, the fact that they are such versatile clothes means that the same garment can be used as two or three different garments. For example, our Zebra skirt can be worn as both a skirt and a dress.

On the other hand, who hasn't bought a dress for an event and found out later that they have a friend who has that same dress? Clothes help us to express ourselves, and in Rebérvere we look for each person to express themselves in a unique way since no two people are the same, we are all unique. With such versatile clothes we minimize the possibility of you repeating the outfit with your friend since even if the two people have bought the same dress or blouse, each one will be able to wear it in a different colour, with a different position (knot, washer, etc.)

With these objectives, we have brought out blouses, dresses, and skirts. The products that customers like the most are the zebra skirt, the orballo blouse and the iki blouse. The zebra skirt is a skirt that can also be used as a dress, while the orballo and iki blouses are half-blouses joined with ribbons and buttons, respectively.

Do you have any projects that you would like to highlight?

This year we are striving to bring out our products with organic fabrics. We have already started to bring out some ecological party blouses, such as the iki granada blouse (made of 100% viscose), as well as some dresses made of GOTS or OEKO-TEX certified fabrics. On the other hand, for those garments for which we have not yet found ecological materials, we use fabrics that have been leftover from other brands that have made great collections, since they are fabrics that otherwise will not be sold.

What would you say to someone to raise awareness and start acting to help the planet?

To a person who is not yet aware, we would say that helping the planet does not involve much effort. There is no need to go for days to clean beaches (although it always comes in handy), as many already do to compensate for the lack of awareness. It is enough to consider the planet in each of the small tasks of your day to day and, in this case, to throw the garbage in the enabled places. You don't have to stop buying clothes to avoid polluting, just look at where the clothes come from, what materials they are made of, etc. If we all do this, not only will we have an enormous weight in helping the planet, but we will make the organizations that set the rules (big companies, governments, etc.) aware of the importance of taking care of our home.