The 3 reasons why companies customize our flat bottles

The 3 reasons why companies customize our flat bottles

Did you know that one of our main business channels is to have companies that want to customize our products?

It's a common thing, I'm sure it has happened to you. A company wants to sell you something and gives you the typical promotional pen that you end up losing or throwing away. At it's logic we saw this as an opportunity, and we started offering our reusable bottles as customizable products so that companies could include their logo on them.

However, a company that buys one of our flat bottles to customize is not just making a promotional gift, but is sending a message to its customers and suppliers. It is therefore important that we review what our value proposition is.

Like every good story, it's logic needs tension to resolve. This is our fundamental reason for existing.

We identified that companies feel concerned about the global climate situation but are not committed to taking individual action... And on the other side, we develop design solutions that enable a positive change in society and the environment. That's where we find the solution.

So... as a definition:

it's logic is the brand that believes that the world would be a better place if people and companies could feel able to act for the well-being of the planet in their daily lives.

This is: if you exist, you can do something.

Companies, therefore, collaborate with us for 3 different reasons which, in most cases, are combined:

1. Message to lead.
Companies embrace our purpose and make it their own by providing products that support a more ethical and sustainable way of life.

2. Product to build trust.
Companies offer their customers and employees an environmentally responsible solution, enabling that customer or worker lead a more sustainable lifestyle thanks to your brand.

3. Inspire their community
They create moments, incentives and links with useful objects that create loyalty. The goal is that their community enters the territory of sustainability through the collaboration between this company and it's logic.

What do you think?

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