The Beginning of it's logic

The Beginning of it's logic

We create It's Logic with the aim of offering an alternative to the consumption of single-use plastic bottles. Since the market is full of reusable bottles, we decided to go one step further and make an effort in innovation so that your bottle was not a burden in your daily life.

In this way, we develop the product with which we happily go out to the market. A flat, reusable and stainless steel bottle.

With these characteristics, we got a useful product that you can carry along with the computer and the notebook in the case or in the bag. In addition, it is a durable product over time, since the materials with which it is manufactured offer a longer useful life than other reusable plastic bottles. Finally, we want that durability to be transformed into savings for the client and for the planet.

If a person consumes an average of 167 plastic bottles per year, we will generate savings for his pocket and we will make this person stop generating such a difficult residue to digest for the environment.

We decided to go on the market with a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. There, more than 1,500 backers supported us and made us reach the goal in less than 48 hours. A success, of course.

But we were not born with the idea of ​​creating a brand of bottles, but of creating a movement that makes more people like you join the change and adopt a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Therefore, we decided that we would use part of the benefits in the self-financed organization of environmental actions that improve the natural spaces currently undermined. Because we like oceans plastic-free, and our forests are not disposable. It's logic.

To achieve this great goal, we ask you to join our cause. If you need a reusable bottle and ours fits your needs, buy it. If not, join our actions and together we can fight for a better world. As you know, the mission of a company has no future if there is no margin. Because of this, we are continuously offering and developing products that we consider useful and valid for you.

If you have an idea or you think we should change something, don't be ashamed and tell us what we should improve. If the body asks you to join this cause, do it. Because It's Logic strives for a goal that belongs to everyone, and therefore, we all have a place here.

We know it's the worst of times, but it's the best of times, because we still have a chance.


Laura and Guillermo,

It's Logic Founders.