The first steps with the logic bottle

The first steps with the logic bottle

After many months of work (and some delays, we know), during these weeks the first logic bottles begin to arrive at your homes. If yours has already arrived or you are thinking of getting one: here is the information you need to welcome it as it deserves.

First things first: receive your package. But before you rip it, just take a look. Did you know that the envelope is made from biodegradable materials? We fight single-use plastics in our shipments too!

Now, are you ready to discover your last bottle? Then open the recycled cardboard box.

Inside the box

In the card you will find on the bottle we tell you more about the initiative that makes us much more than a brand of bottles. It is NOW!, the platform we are developing to connect environmental organizations with volunteers interested in protecting and caring for their environment. Thanks to NOW!, doing something for the planet will be easier than ever.

And now, there it is. Impressive, isn't it? Its flat stainless steel design makes it the perfect reusable bottle for everyday use. And the most logical!

Cleaning the logic bottle

We recommend that you wash it before start using it. You only need a little bit of water and soap. On the outside, you can spread the soap with your own hands or with a soft sponge.

To clean the inside of the logic bottle:


1) Fill half of the bottle with warm water and soap.

2) Shake the bottle.

3) Rinse it out.

With this, your logic bottle is ready to accompany you in your daily life. This cleaning process can be repeated daily or once a week, depending on how you use the bottle and the liquids you fill it with.

Remember, you are helping to eliminate 167 single-use plastic bottles in 1 year. And in style! Now you can count it on your social networks with the hashtags #itslogic and #ActNow. Enjoy!