What do pineapple, cactus and cork have in common? it's logic and the commitment to natural materials

What do pineapple, cactus and cork have in common? it's logic and the commitment to natural materials

In our products we always try to connect design and sustainability. Of course, sometimes this is not easy to achieve. But we know that an important key lies in the type of materials we use.

In our journey to create unforgettable designs, we know that the ability to customize is very important. We all like to see ourselves reflected in the products we use. And our logic bottle is used a lot.

That's why we developed the logic covers, which have a double function. On the one hand, safety, as they protect your flat bottle from bumps and falls. On the other hand, aesthetics, since they allow you to customize your bottle by dressing it every day with the color and material you want.

Yes, we want your logic bottle to be fashionable, but in a responsible way. That's why today we're going to tell you more about the materials we use. A hint: power to vegetable fibers!


Piñatex®, the first alternative

The first collection of logic covers uses this material created from discarded pineapple leaves. This material was developed by Dr. Carmen Hijosa and has gradually become a responsible standard within the fashion industry.

The process of creating the fabric begins with the collection of the pineapple leaves. Then the fabric is extracted to be washed, dried and purified. After this, different processes are carried out until it is transformed into fabric.

Piñatex® gives the logic bottle a characteristic touch and also protection against knocks and falls.


The soft touch of the cactus

In our continuous search for innovation, we wanted to expand the number of alternatives to protect the logic bottle while still using natural materials. After a research process, we decided to partner with Desserto®, a Mexican company that has turned cactus skin into the premium fabric. As they call it, authentic vegan cactus leather.

This fabric stands out for its soft touch and elegant finish. In addition, during the manufacturing process, 10 factors that contribute to sustainability stand out:

1. Biodiversity amelioration in the region 

2. Reverts Land Use Change (LUC).

3. Enrichment of soil micro-flora and micro-fauna through native and typical organic cactus afforestation.

4. Huge savings in water as no irrigation is applied. 

5. Environmental preservation as no chemicals are used like herbicides or pesticides.

6. Cactus is left unharmed to enable repeated harvesting from the same plant. 

7. Energy savings by drying the feed-stock in a solarium. 

8. No cross-industry conflict as the byproduct is directed to the food industry in an increased value form which is more attractive, and stimulates the agricultural sector to plant more cactus. 

9. Full vision and traceability of the farm to ensure sustainable social practices. 

10. Technological enhancements at the fields.


A tree in your hand

Imagine having the soft and characteristic touch of a tree always at your fingertips. Great, isn't it? Well, stop imagining, because that's what you'll get with our third material.

We've used cork fiber to create a very natural cover for the logic bottle. This fabric also stands out for its great resistance and flexibility.

What materials would you like us to use in our next collections? We'll read you about it in comments!