How do our community and environmental actions work now?

How do our community and environmental actions work now?

Last week I wrote to you with the aim of getting back in touch with you, to talk to you from a more personal point of view. It had been 3 months since the last time we talked, and I was really excited by the number of replies I got.

I love talking to you personally! 

I want to publicly thank all of you who have replied to give me ideas and even to share thoughts on other topics that have come up after my letter.

I find it amazing that these lines inspire anyone. Even if it is just one person. It is essential that we develop ourselves, that we give our honest opinion and that, in short, we have a calm conscience.

And this is what I am going to talk to you about. I want to start this letter by asking you a question:

How are you?

It is not a rhetorical question.

You will allow me to start this writing today by referring to some thoughts I had last week after reading some of your feedback and even exchanging several emails with some community members.

I have the feeling that we give very low importance to this question. Both to give an answer and to actively ask it. And I tell you more, after these last two years this takes even more relevance. Although it may not be your case, I think we have all suffered a lot, in general.

I intend to beat around the bush in the following lines. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I think that the human being has had - and still has - a very harmful way of evolving, which engulfs you and does not let you look back and think about what could have happened. I think it may also have to do with the "death" of religions, the result of which is questionable at least. I, as an agnostic person who considers that it is just as respectable to believe as not to believe, will tell you that the substitution of these beliefs for the current ones has not achieved anything good.

We have exchanged a selfish Humanism for a hypocritical Philanthropism that, among other things, has made us forget ourselves as part of a whole.

Perhaps this is why the most radical environmental activist movements do not work - or do not love - because they take us to the extreme. Our new religions have something in common with the old ones, and that is that they generate followers but also detractors. We take it to the extreme, and the result is that in this scenario of reds versus blues, of A versus B, common sense is lost like a drop in the ocean.

My point.

According to these new religions it seems that if you are not perfectly ecologist, if you do not move only by bicycle, if your diet is not only plant-based, or if you even think of eating a plastic yogurt, you are already a heretic. You already have to be attacked or silenced, as in the old days. This is a serious problem, and the tool and gasoline of this is social media, which is the new playground.

They are hurting us. It is inevitable. As a society, we are creating a very harmful morality. And I, as a person against this, have decided to use this introduction to complain openly. 

What you have read is nothing more than my personal opinion, but if I have to put on it's logic t-shirt and speak for the company, I will tell you in capital letters that we love the imperfect. Because deep down, we are all environmentalists in the sense that this is our home.

Deep down, each and every one of us has some love for a landscape, for an environment, for an environment that completes us.

Long live the imperfect ecologist!


I don't forget. Today I came to tell you about the new version of Act Now by it's logic, our platform for environmental initiatives. But this introduction was necessary, I hope you agree.

Just in case, let me introduce myself.

I am Guillermo Mellado, founder of it's logic, and Message in a flat bottle is a space in which I personally summarize for you the news that happen to us daily in it's logic.

It is my way of involving you in our daily activity, and it is also, in my opinion, the best way for you to give us ideas with which to improve and be a better company for everyone and for the planet every day.

It's kind of like you going into my personal notebook to read my notes.

Here we go.👇🏻

You have to recognize when you made a mistake. It is good to recognize and above all learn when things have not gone as expected.

The Act Now by it's logic App has been an absolute failure.

hahaha! What an apotheosis start.

No, let's not be like that either. This project has been useful to discover another new way in which we don't have to do something. That is, it has helped us to know that the way to get actively involved in an initiative is not by making you download an app, or having to fill out so many forms with data that, as a good imperfect environmentalist, you don't know.

You also understand that we had to try it, and that the idea of having an App is like the dream of every brand that has not yet understood that not everyone can have an App. I don't know if I am clear 🤣.

On the other hand, I also tell you that at a communication level it has been very useful for us. That is, it has been an important asset as a brand that we have used and that has helped us to do things that would not have been possible without it. But well, it is something quite hypocritical and personally I am convinced that if I make it easy for you, you will end up coming to a cleanup, putting on gloves, taking a sack and cleaning a forest or a beach.

I'm going to make it, I'm convinced.

We have learned.

How does it work now? You can see it here or keep reading👇🏻.

Now we will leave less weight and responsibility on you and we will be more aware of organizing events manually, even managing the communities in each area, and helping you to create your event or sign up for any initiative.

What you can do:

Join or create an event.

Lead an environmental initiative or join an already organized one. If there is nothing near where you live, contact us to organize it.

Be part of our community.

We have a Telegram channel with each new initiative, and some private groups to organize new actions.

Take action and share your results.

Register your individual initiatives. Register the different materials you collect and we will create reports in an easy and intuitive way.


If you have made it this far I want to send you a big hug. Today I have made it really difficult for you with this long email.

As always, you know that if you reply to this email it will come directly to me, so I will be very excited to talk to you.

By the way.

Today I haven't included any links with discounts or other promotions related to product sales, but if you want to get whatever you want for free just reply telling me where you are going to organize a small environmental initiative.

If you organize a cleanup, I'll give you whatever you want from the store. I'm sick of paying influencers. I want you to be our real influencer. The kind of influencers that are acting now.

That's clear, isn't it?

We'll talk next week.

I send you a big hug,

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Carmen on

¡¡Hola!! ¡¡Qué guay tu mensaje!! Pues mira, lo de la app el problema es que no todo el mundo tiene móvil o usa apps, y los que usan apps, tiene que interesarle el asunto un poco por lo menos. Sobre todo, la gente que yo conozco que más cuida del medioambiente y son medio hippies, usan sólo el móvil con fines de comunicarse con llamadas o llamadas perdidas. A esos no creo que les vayas a convencer de descargarse la app jaja!!. Pero está bien, vamos a ver, nadie es perfecto, y la gente en general, lo que no son tan “eco-bio-hippies”, tienen que darse cuenta de que es importante ponerse en marcha y salir a recoger basura y cuidar el medioambiente, cuando digo la gente me refiero inclusive a mi misma, y no hay que ser hippie ni nada por el estilo, sino prestar atención a que nuestro hogar(la tierra) está muriendo poco a poco, y nosotros con él. Yo soy de reciclar en casa, trato de comprar cosas sin tanto embalaje/plásticos o fáciles de reciclar, y recojo si veo algo tirado en la playa, o en algún parque natural, me lo meto en el bolsillo o la mochila, hasta el próximo lugar donde pueda tirarlo de forma adecuada (basura, reciclaje …). A veces sorprende que la gente que visita esos lugares sea tan guarra, porque van a disfrutar de ese lugar precisamente, y si ensucian, la próxima vez que vayan o vaya otra persona, eso dará asco en vez de goce… Pero nunca me he ido a recoger expresamente bolsas de basura como excursión jeje. Actualmente vivo entre Zaragoza y Jaca, y no me importaría organizar algún día una recogida, pero no sé tampoco cómo hacerlo, cómo soléis buscar los sitios, cómo contactar con la gente… ¿Para eso era la app?. Si me contáis un poco cómo hacerlo, prometo moverme y organizar alguna recogida durante este año, y no hace falta que me regaléis nada, lo haré con mucho gusto.

¡¡Ya me diréis!!

¡¡Un abrazo!!🙂


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