Our proposal to act now for the planet.

Today we can think about the mid and long term of the company. We have projects of social responsibility that go beyond that, and we are working firmly towards the creation of a community that involves more and more people in environmental and social efforts.

That's what we believe

The solution is in your hands.

We want to create a company capable of working creating products with the most refined design possible, while putting on gloves, picking up a sack, and beginning to clean all those areas of the planet currently reviled by human action.

When we collaborate, we are all the same. And because of that we want to present you our proposal to act now for the planet.

We have an action project and an education project.

We invest in their future

Activities with primary school students in several Spanish schools so that they can see first hand the environmental problems. We will do waste cleanups with them explaining how we can generate less in our day to day lives. 🌳

Yes, we pick up too.

We finance and organize waste cleanups in currently dirty forests and rural areas. It's as easy as registering, grabbing gloves and a sack, and coming to pick up litter with us.