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Now that you have decided what your next reusable bottle will be, we will do everything possible to save you the shipping costs.

As you know, we are a Spanish company, so we ship from Spain. It is normal for the cost to be greater the more kilometers there are to your home. Below we detail the shipping costs depending on the geographical area in which you are:

- Spain and Portugal. 24-72h. You have FREE SHIPPING in orders over 40€, so you can take advantage of the packs we have and talk to your friends and family to place a larger order in which you will save carbon emissions. In orders below 40€ the cost is 3,99€

- European Union and UK. 3-7 days. We are close, but the shipping price goes up a little because our conditions to send to your countries are a bit worse. If your order is less than € 60, the shipping cost is € 5.99, but if your order is over € 60, like packs orders, shipping is free! Seize it!

- United States. 7-15 days. American friends are fortunate that Spain and your country have good conditions for shipping products, so the distance that is so large will not be reflected so much in the price. Shipping will cost you € 19.99 if your order is below € 100 and you have free shipping if your order is over € 100.

- Rest of the world. 15 days. You are far away, but it would be unfair to leave you without the world's flattest stainless steel reusable bottle. If you want to have our bottle still, the shipping cost is € 29 for any country or free shipping if your order is over € 150.

The real problem that makes shipments so high in some areas is that we have no physical presence worldwide. If you have a physical store or a distributor and want to distribute our products in any country, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to attend your request, and so your countrymen will benefit from it.