28 June on Kickstarter

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But, let's go even deeper

Why the logic backpack is unique

As restless people who love design, we identified that traditional backpacks did not cover all our needs, forcing us to have different backpacks depending on the moment.

A backpack for every situation

Make it bigger

+25% capacity in the blink of an eye

You choose the characteristics of your backpack, and it adapts to you in your day to day life, as well as in your weekend getaways.

Keep you food safe

Removable logic lunch box - 5L

Carry everything in one, and use your hands for something else (don't carry your backpack and lunch box separately). The perfect and requisite amount, at the ideal temperature.

Extra comfort

TSA Friendly

You can store it under the seat in front while flying, and carry on your hand luggage too.

No matter the conditions

Water repellent

All your items are in perfect condition regardless of the weather outside. That's logic :)

Recycling lovers

Made of 100% Recycled Poliester

This sends a message of conscious love for the planet while you are also supporting a movement in support of the development of the circular economy and the recycling of plastics.

Created to cover all the needs of people like you.

A modular, resistant and totally versatile backpack.

Designed to accompany you in any situation.

Meet the logic backpack

Guille, founder of it's logic, makes a brief review of the product and tells you some keys.

Modular Structure

Given that there's nothing more uncomfortable than a backpack full of loose items, we've designed the logic backpack as the perfect solution to this.

The upper and lower main compartments are divided by a folding flap that will allow you to join these two compartments into a larger one in the blink of an eye.

25% more capacity in seconds.

For those occasions when you need it, you can increase its capacity by 25% in just 3 seconds thanks to the expandable main compartment.

It is easily applied by simply opening an outer zipper that runs along the edge of the backpack.

It will maintain a minimalist aesthetic line, and apparently unassuming, but with possibilities that are far from simple.

Your new backpack is water resistant

Weatherproof materials ensure your belongings are protected against the elements

Removable logic lunch box - 5L

Keep your food safe thanks to the removable logic lunch box. A cooler with 5 liters of capacity that has its space at the bottom of the backpack. Carry everything in one, and use your hands for something else.

Go to the office comfortably, without extra loads.

Side access for electronic devices

We have incorporated two handles to make your backpack practical for everyday use. Your digital items have a discreet compartment with specific side access for them.

No more taking out your computer and showing everything you have in your backpack, or needing acres of space to open it.

When we founded it’s logic we had a clear mission:

To bring creativity and originality to functional design lovers by providing the best environmentally friendly modern products.

But... How did we get here?

September 2021

The idea came up

We wanted to create a functional backpack that would be useful for our day-to-day life. We started sketching and listing all the features we would normally use.

December 2022

First samples

Dozens of tests, adjustments, design changes, functionalities, materials, and a long etcetera of features have been varied so that today we can say that the product is ready for our demanding and elegant community to enjoy it.

March 2022

The final version

We managed to arrive at the current version of the backpack. We chose the colors we liked best, and decided we were ready to launch.

April 2022

Crowdfunding model

Why not bet on this model again? We have experience because we already did this with the logic bottle, and it's also a great way to have a planet-friendly production. No overstock.

June 2022

Kickstarter Launch

We are ready. On June 28 we will launch our second Kickstarter campaign with the goal of reaching as many people as possible. Are you in?

Coming soon on Kickstarter

We believe that this crowdfunding model is the best way to stop unnecessary harm to the environment, while offering our customers better prices at the same time.

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