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logic cover - Sand White

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Now you can get a new look responsibly without buying a new bottle. We present our bottle covers made of pineapple leaf fiber, thanks to Piñatex® technology.

leaves fibers

First step: Decortication

Second step: Non-woven mesh

Final product: anti-slip material that protects the bottle from hits and falls


  • And innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fiber.
  • Get a new look without buying a new bottle with our exchangeable covers.
  • Keep your bottle always in your hands, thanks to its anti-slip material feature.
  • Protect it from hits and falls, and keep it new as the first day.

Get a new look responsibly

From pineapple leaves fibers

Piñatex® is made of fiber from the leaves of the pineapple plant, so the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to produce. The long fibers are extracted through a process called decortication, which is done at the plantation by the farming community.

Once the leaves have been stripped of fibre the leftover biomass can be used as a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer or a biofuel, so nothing is wasted.

Final product to responsible customers

The fibers then get degummed and undergo an industrial process to become a non-woven mesh, which forms the base of Piñatex®. The rolls of non-woven mesh are then transported to Spain for specialized finishing.

This unique process is what gives Piñatex®its leather-like appearance, creating a textile that is soft and flexible, yet very durable.

This durability will become a saving for you and the planet

With these characteristics we get a useful product for day to day. You can carry your bottle along with the computer and the notebook in the case. It is also a product that is durable over time, since the materials with which it is manufactured offer a longer shelf life than other reusable plastic bottles.

We are more than a brand

Thanks to your contribution we are developing NOW!, a platform in which we will share environmental organizations from all over the world with volunteers like you who want to actively contribute with their effort in the fight against the climate crisis.