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The logic backpack

The logic backpack


black logic bottle
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black logic bottle


black logic fit
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black logic fit


black logic go

black logic go

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Meet the logic bottle

Your water bottle will never be a burden anymore

Stay hydrated

The logic bottle has a half-liter capacity (500ml), which is the perfect size for you to carry your bottle with you at all times and not be a burden. It is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which means extremely high durability with the highest quality material possible.


It is flat, as much as an A5 notebook (120mm x 28 x 180), so it has a perfect ergonomy to carry it together with your agenda and your phone in the same hand, being able to have the other hand free.


Fits everywhere

Our design allows our community that the bottle is not a burden in their daily lives, so they always carry it with them and therefore never have to use single-use plastic bottles.

Are you in?


Make it your own

Customize the bottle with the covers we manufacture with totally sustainable materials. We have covers made from pineapple leaf fiber, cactus fiber and cork, where we take advantage of the waste from the harvest to create a unique textile material, which simulates leather but is sustainable and no animals are harmed in the process.


This case made with cork fabric will protect your logic bottle as well as give it a natural touch



The soft-touch of the cactus.

Don't you believe it?



Made of pineapple leaf fiber, thanks to Piñatex® technology.


Your purchases clean forests

Beyond our products: Through our platform Act Now by it's logic, we organize beach and forest cleanups to collect garbage and return them to their natural state.

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GQ Magazine

"Perfect for your daily life".

Vanity Fair

"Flat, ecological, and very stylish".

Condé Nast Traveler

"Ultra daily friendly water bottle".