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What is your exchange & refund policy?

We don't refund any orders (except administrative mistakes or justified cause) We would only take charge of the exchange of the product in case it arrived defective to its final destination.

Are you offering worldwide shipping?

YES! We offer worldwide shipping. We ship from our warehouse in Spain. Additional taxes could apply depending on each country's duties regulation. Click here to know more about our shipping conditions.

How to clean the bottle?

The best you can do is to wash it by hand. If you don’t have time to clean it every day with soap, just fill it with clean water, then empty the bottle and let it breathe a few minutes. That will be enough. We recommend you to wash it with soap, baking soda or diluted vinegar at least once a month. All of them work great. That’s a standard in stainless steel bottles. If you mean washing tools, we are developing a wash pack that we will launch a little later, as soon as we have resources for it.

What material is the bottle cap made of?

The bottle cap is made of stainless steel, just like the body of the bottle. It simply has a different finish as a visual complement.

Which is the size of the bottle?

The bottle is 120 x 28 x 180 (length x max width x height).

How much does the bottle weight?

The bottle weight is about 380gr without the cover and 400gr with the cover.