Meet the team

We are a team of designers, entrepreneurs, journalists, etc. with the common objective of providing a real solution to the environmental disaster we are currently experiencing.

Álex Salse

Telling how we're fighting against single-use plastics.

Creative Brand Strategist

Guille Mellado

Making things happen.

Founder & CEO

Jesús Castaño

Making the company also sustainable over time.


Edu Castaño

Thinking and designing logic things.


¿Where are we?

In such an interconnected world, location is still very relevant. Our team is based in Spain, specifically in Madrid and Barcelona. Although we like remote work to have some more freedom, we usually have meetings in our office in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), on street Manuel de Falla 83.

Follow us on IG

In our Instagram profile we tell a lot more about our day to day. You will be able to know more about the workers and the products of It's Logic. As well as all the information related to the environmental initiatives that we usually organize. Here you have a link to the last one we did in Barcelona.

We are more than a brand

Thanks to your contribution we are developing NOW!, a platform in which we will connect environmental organizations from all over the world with volunteers like you who want to actively contribute with their effort in the fight against the climate crisis.