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One of the great questions we must ask ourselves as a consumer is:

Where do the products we buy come from?

From It's Logic® we want to answer this question, since from the first moment we thought about creating this brand, we did it from the perspective of a customer responsible with its consumption. Therefore, we will detail where our products will come from and what quality certificates we currently have.

The Logic Bottle

Our bottle is manufactured in Shenzhen (China). We are members of amfori BSCI and we have the ISO 9001 certificate with a highly technical workshop and good management teams to guarantee products of the highest possible quality. We have the most advanced technology and the experience of a leading manufacturer in its sector.

Amfori is the leading global trade association dedicated to open and sustainable trade. Its mission is to contribute to a world in which trade offers social, environmental and economic benefits for all.

What does amfori BSCI® guarantee

  • The Rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining.
  • Non-discrimination based on gender, religion, race, etc.
  • Fair compensation to guarantee a decent life of the worker.
  • Decent workday where in the case of overtime, these will be rewarded with a higher rate.
  • Occupational safety and health guaranteeing risk detection and prevention systems.
  • No to child labor.
  • Special protection for workers of training age.
  • No to precarious work both in salary and in conditions.
  • No to forced labor.
  • Environmental protection through proper management of waste generated during manufacturing.
  • Ethical business behavior.
Our factory is committed to undergoing review by amfori in semiannual periods in order to improve every process day by day and becorrectly evaluated.

The Logic Cover

Our covers are manufactured in Barcelona (Spain), in several workshops of cutting and sewing with extensive experience in the manufacture of products made of textile material. The fact of being manufactured in Spain guarantees that the labor and business conditions of these workshops conform to Spanish law.

As you know, our main supplier of the cover material is Piñatex® (Ananas Anam, SL.). Piñatex® is a non-animal textile material, developed for use as an alternative material and without impact on the planet.
In the product sheet you can learn more about the process of making this material.

Any case, here you have a graph where you can see the process that takes place from when the pineapple leaf is taken until it becomes an ideal product for your day to day.
Piñatex® has passed the textile tests of the international ISO standard including:
  • Tear and tensile strength.
  • Flexibility of resistance.
  • Seam breakage.
  • End membership.
  • Color fastness.
Tests conducted at ITTC Shanghai, Intertek Turkey, Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants and Bonditex SA.
Piñatex® is a vegan product approved by PETA. No animal is involved in any product manufacturing process.