11 things to take with you on a hike-walk

11 things to take with you on a hike-walk

I think that most of us are people who like to explore new places, who like to live new adventures, to see new and different places. Less than a year ago we could quench that thirst for adventure traveling around the world.

It’s quite obvious that we have to leave the travel aside for the moment and wait for better times, but let’s not touch a raw nerve. Anyway, who says that we can’t go and live new adventures, explore new places and unexplored landscapes? Even if we can’t move from our own country. I don’t know about you, but we’ve traded those trips around the world for great walks in the woods, mountain trails, snowshoeing and more. Reinvent yourself or die.

We all know that not everyone who decide to go into nature are experts. Most of us are just looking for a nice, different and quiet place to spend the day but these doesn’t mean that we don’t have to be prepared.

That's why we want to show you a list of things that you will have to carry in your backpack when you go on adventures.

* IMPORTANT. Before heading out to the mountains, better to find out about the weather conditions and must dress accordingly. Consult an expert if necessary.

  1. WATER.

First and foremost. We need water to live and, of course, to spend the day outside.

 ¿The best way to bring water with you?

With our flat bottle, of course. Not only because it’s the most sustainable alternative thanks to the fact that it is a reusable bottle and that with its purchase you help to clean the natural spaces; but because it’s also a flat bottle that will allow you to put two or three bottles in the same backpack, leaving space for the rest of the objects you have to carry. Thanks to its recycled TPE strap you can also hang it on the side of the backpack.

We can't make it easier for you.


  1. FOOD.

It’s important to bring some food if you’re going to spend may hours away from home. Even better if it’s healthy food: nuts or a snack will be useful to charge up your energy.

We recommend you to leave aside any kind of disposable wrapping and change it for reusable wrappings like the once that Roll'eat have. This Spanish company has reusable products so you can carry your sandwiches and snacks responsibly. In addition, they have taken a step forward and have released two of their best products (Boc'n'Roll and Snack'n'Go) made with 100% biodegradable materials. 



I guess you're wondering why do you need a bag like that. It’s to be able to store all the garbage you generate during the excursion.

You can take one of those plastic bags you have stored at home, but you can also use our reusable bag made from recycled materials, specifically made from 27 PET bottles.

We need to be care with nature

Nature must be taken care of nature and left it the way we found it, or even better. You can even collect the waste you find from other hikers; nature will thank you for it.



It’s well known that it’s very important to protect yourself from the sun, so when you go hiking we recommend you to apply sunscreen before leaving home and take it with you to put it on halfway. And the question is, which sunscreen is the most recommended?

Maybe you hadn’t even thought about it, but the type of cream you use is also important. Avoid all creams with chemical sunscreens as they are harmful to your health and to the environment.

We are not sunscreen experts, but the Freshly Cosmetics team knows a lot about it and they can tell you more about sustainable sunscreens on their website. In addition, their sun creams have ingredients that respect nature and marine wildlife.



Another item that we believe is important when we are going to spend many hours outdoors are sunglasses. They can protect us from UVA and UVB rays. Will be better if they can be certified sunglasses and from a brand committed to the environment.

The Parafina team, for example, does a very good job. They take care of the environment by recycling materials to give them a new life in the form of glasses, in addition to protecting your eyes with UV 400 polarized lenses (depending on the model).


  1. CAP

A good cap/hat/pamela/whatever is most comfortable for you will also be a very good ally on sunny days.


It’s always important to be prepared. In order to do it you can bring a toiletry bag with the essentials. Some painkillers, mosquito repellent, band-aids and the necessary to heal wounds, can save us from a good one.

However, will be better if all this items are sustainable and not harmful to the environment. For painkillers there is not much choice, but you can make your own mosquito repellent with essential oils; and even band-aids have a sustainable alternative. Patch Strips is an Australian company that distributes biodegradable, vegan and 100% organic plasters in Spain and the rest of Europe. 

REMEMBER: It is not necessary to throw away everything you have at home and buy new things. The best way to take care of the planet is to use what we already have and, when we need something, buy as sustainable as possible. 


If you have checked at the weather forecast and it is likely to rain, a raincoat will be a very good ally. Even so, if the weather says that the sun will be shining, it is not superfluous to carry one of those small ones that take up little space, sometimes the weather is unpredictable.



Hopefully you won't have to use it, but anyone can have an unforeseen event. Do not use it to take anything from nature, what is there has to stay there.



The cell phone and a spare battery is necessary because if any unforeseen event or complication arises, you can call the police. However, we recommend you not to use it more than needed for two reasons:

  1. So that the battery does not wear out and you can use it when necessary.
  2. So that you can enjoy the ride, the views and nature as it deserves. You will appreciate it.



Why not? A thermos with hot coffee or tea for the winter or with a fresh fruit smoothie for the summer. You can go for a little walk and end it up having a picnic in the middle of the forest. What a better way to enjoy it than with a hot or cold drink? (depending on the season).

Our double-walled logic go is a very good option to carry in your backpack thanks to its sealed lid. In addition, it keeps 12h the heat and 24h the cold, so you can enjoy your drink at its ideal temperature. 


We believe that these would be the basic items that anyone should carry. However, if it’s a professional hike or if you’re going to dangerous areas, you will have to be very well equipped, depending on the difficulty. We prefer to leave it to the experts so they can recommend.

What else would you take with you?