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7 Good Reasons to Participate in Environmental Cleanups

We are seeing more and more actions related to the recovery of the environment: waste collection on beaches and mountains, reforestation of deforested areas, cleaning up the oceans, etc. It is true that during the coronavirus crisis there has been a rapid decline in these types of actions, but they are still just as popular. At it's logic we go out every Friday to clean the nearby forest, an area full of debris and garbage.

We believe that these actions are very necessary, but the fact of cleaning up is not everything. In this post we tell you some of the reasons why you should join this kind of actions:


1) Cleaning up the planet

The most obvious reason. If we participate in actions of cleaning and recovery of the environment, we will have a cleaner and healthier planet. There are many areas where no one has competence or, if they do, they don't care because that areas are far from urban centers. These places end up being the private dumps of many people, either because they go there expressly to throw the garbage or because the wind itself carries the waste.


2) Taking care of flora and fauna

Leaving aside the visual part of the fact that there is garbage in natural environments. It is also important to know that this garbage affects the flora and fauna of the place.

If we talk about forests, a small plastic on the floor can lead to a big fire that will end up killing thousands of animals and plants. If we talk about beaches, it is more than likely that the garbage will end up in the sea and that some animal will eat it. No animal should make its nest in a paint can or swallow micro plastics. Apart from cleaning the area in particular, we will also be helping to save animal and plant species.

its logic environmental cleanup act now

3) Creating a psychological impact on others

This is a very curious point, but it turns out that if you are walking through nature and you see that the environment is clean, you will not unconsciously throw the garbage on the ground; instead, if people walk through a place full of garbage, there is a much greater chance that they will throw the garbage there as well. Therefore, if we participate in garbage collection actions, for example, and leave the landscapes clean of waste, it is less likely that the garbage will end up there again.


4) Being in contact with nature

This is one of the least important reasons, but it is very beneficial to our health. Connecting with nature is something we should all do on a daily basis. It helps us reduce our stress levels, calms us down and relaxes us to levels we are not aware of. Breathing clean air makes us connect with our most primitive selves. This, believe it or not, is very beneficial for our body.


5) Self-realization

Another important reason is personal fulfillment. It is very rewarding to clean up a little piece of the planet. To know that you have been a part of it and that thanks to you, that little area is a little cleaner than it was before. It fills you with the knowledge that you have been able to contribute in some way to helping the planet and that makes you want to continue doing it and sharing it with people.


6) Creating awareness

One of the most important points about the cleanups is awareness. As we said at the beginning, the act of cleaning is very important, but so are the indirect consequences of the act itself. Being aware that the world is actually dirtier than we thought and that we are the problem, is a big step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life. Seeing the amount of waste that is generated and thrown away has to make us reflect and rethink our consumption habits. And we are not talking about being able to eliminate it without it reaching nature, we are talking about directly not generating it.


7) Exercising

And why not, this reason is also important. Sedentarism is killing us. Most of our jobs mean that we are not active at all and exercise is something fundamental for the maintenance of our body. Why not do it as an excuse to move it a little?


The ultimate aim of all these types of actions is to improve the current situation of the planet and to make all the people who participate in them more and more aware of the problem. And showing that, by changing our consumption habits, we can get out of this climate crisis.

We make one collection a week. Very soon we will offer the possibility that you can sign up or even organize your own pick-ups. Are you in?