Scientist and Conservationist's plan to make 50% of the world into a nature reserve

Scientist and Conservationist's plan to make 50% of the world into a nature reserve

Speculation about the world’s diminishing resources and pollution caused by humanity has escalated over the last decade. The consequences of our use of the world has caused concerns about how long we have left before the world won’t be able to function properly with these negative effects.

It has come to light that the conclusion from many studies shows that the only way of sustaining our planet is to make 50% of the world protected nature reserves. Whether this be composed of reserves that already exist, areas that can be made into reserves or ones that need to be cultivated by us.

“We now have enough measurements of extinction rates and the likely rate in the future to know that it is approaching a thousand times the baseline of what existed before humanity came along.”
E.O Wilson, 2016, The New York Times

The seriousness of the problem is shown by the 2019 study by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). As the most comprehensive study of biodiversity to date, it showed the potential risk of extinction of 1 million species.

The cause of this extinction is due to our neglect of the world. The rise in temperature in climate change, the pollution of waterways so species aren’t receiving fresh water and the loss of diverse ecosystems that benefit flora and fauna.

Positively, more and more organisations are creating ambitious missions to try and reduce damaging effects and put in place responsibility for preserving and protecting the environment.

Nature Needs Half


Nature Needs Half are the organisation that want to have 50% of the world protected by 2030. Made up of scientists, conservationists, nonprofits and public figures with a determination to not only protect what we have, but nurture the relationship between nature and society and educate on the importance of our environment.

“We can stop the sixth mass extinction if we protect approximately 50% of each the 846 ecoregions that provide habitat for all of Earth's biodiversity.”


The Wyss Campaign for Nature


The Wyss Campaign for Nature is a $1 billion investment to conserve 30% of the planet by 2030. This includes funding communities, indeginous peoples and nations to aid the recovery and protection of their land. In partnership with The National Geographical Society, the organisation continues to push nations to agree to the minimum amount of land and sea to conserve that will make an impact. With many of their projects completed its achievements are a testament to what difference can be made.

“Only by rapidly accelerating the pace of conservation can we safeguard wildlife, wild places, communities, and the billions of people who rely on nature to survive and thrive.”


The idea of turning 50% of the planet into a nature reserve appears a large percentage, but the outcome will benefit generations to come and the current species we should be protecting. With organisations seeing such huge political impact, society is taking the idea of change seriously and great things can be done.