The New Disposable Mask Pandemic (and a logic proposal)

The New Disposable Mask Pandemic (and a logic proposal)

As many of you may know, in it's logic we do not believe that the purpose of a company can be condensed into words. In fact, we like acting much better than talking. And that's why we integrate in our routine some practices that for us are as important as the day to day life in the office.

For example, every Friday we take a few bags and gloves and go out into the woods behind our offices to collect all the waste we find. The truth is that the forest is in a very bad situation. We usually find all kinds of garbage: bottles, cans, clothes, glass. And also rubble and old furniture, which other companies deposit there illegally.

But for several weeks now, a new type of waste has been filling our bags: disposable masks and gloves. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, these personal protective items have been part of our daily lives for months. But now they are also part of our forests, beaches and oceans.

In fact, members of the Oceans Asia organization have already denounced the presence of contaminated masks on uninhabited islands in the Soko archipelago near Hong Kong. This is all the more serious because most single-use masks are made from non-degradable materials, such as plastic and others.

And what about the seas and oceans? The French NGO Opération Mer Propre already speaks of "a new type of pollution". In fact, Joffrey Peltier, one of its members, has launched a really serious message: "Knowing that more than 2 billion disposable masks have been bought, there could soon be more masks than jellyfish in the waters of the Mediterranean”.

At this point, remember that, if you use a disposable mask, the right way to get rid of it is:

  • Always keep a separate container at home for the masks and gloves.
  • Once it is full, close the bag it and put it in the general or "waste" container, the one in which we deposit everything that cannot be recycled.
  • Avoid plastic containers or similar.

And if you can, we recommend that you use reusable masks. As they are washable, their useful life is much longer than in the case of single-use materials. By using a reusable mask, you will be saving the planet dozens of wastes. Because fighting a pandemic does not mean creating a new virus in the form of contamination for the whole planet.

Under this premise, in it's logic we have created a mask that balances protection and awareness. The limited edition logic mask, with its engraving "Zero Virus, Zero Waste", is our small contribution to stop the pandemic of single-use waste.


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As you know, every week we go out to clean the forest near our office. And for weeks now we have been alarmed by the amount of single-use masks that we find on the ground. That’s why we decided to create the logic mask, a reusable mask with a very clear message: ZERO virus, ZERO waste. Because protecting yourself and others from the virus doesn’t mean harming the planet. And, of course, part of the benefits of the logic mask will go to environmental initiatives. Because that’s our logic. … Como sabéis, cada semana salimos a limpiar el bosque cercano a nuestra oficina. Y desde hace semanas estamos alarmados con la cantidad de mascarillas de un solo uso que nos encontramos tiradas. Por eso hemos decidido crear la logic mask, una mascarilla reutilizable con un mensaje muy claro: ZERO virus, ZERO waste. Porque protegerse del virus no significa dañar al planeta. Y, por supuesto, una parte de los beneficios de la logic mask se destinarán a iniciativas medioambientales. Porque esa es nuestra lógica. #itslogic #actnow #mask #newproduct #reusablemask #zerovirus #zerowaste #mascarilla #mascarillasreutilizables #environmentallyfriendly

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It is a reusable mask, soft to the touch and suitable for up to 25 washes, with all the health guarantees to protect against COVID-19. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Because #ActNow is protect yourself and the planet.