Why it's logic is not a bottle brand

Why it's logic is not a bottle brand

At the end of 2018, I decided to create a company capable to have a positive impact on the world through the sale of product. This is not something you can get overnight, but is part of a branding process that justify allocating a portion of the margin to that positive impact on the environment, whether natural or social.

To give you an idea, I think we should look at two valid approaches for good business with respect to where those funds are dedicated. You have the option to donate 1% or 3% to the association on duty that will put you its logo on your website, examples such as water.org or Unicef. Here the movement is simple as well as positive, since from each sale that is generates in the payment gateways of the websites, a percentage X goes directly to the accounts of this organization, which means that it will be directly transformed into resources for that entity.

Just as we say it is a very simple and fast process, we have to say that it is a totally opaque process in the eyes of followers and clients. Thing is: the client wants or has to "trust" that this is truth, since we all know that as much as companies publish data and reports, these can be easily adulterated.

The other way of approaching a process of this style is that the company is the engine of change and does not rely on another to carry out these activities. There are many examples of large companies that create foundations to carry out these altruistic activities and even companies that have divisions created to carry out these actions in the company's own internal structure. My vision was closer of this point or this way of working. My vision is to create a company able to work creating products with the most possible, at the same time he puts on some gloves, takes a sack, and begins to clean up all those areas of the planet today denigrated by human action.

To do.
To act.
To act now.

Obviously, being in Madrid, we can easily carry out actions in our community or even in some parts of Spain and Portugal, but we cannot mobilize the team to act in other parts of the planet nor to scale up that activity in our country. In short, how could we be present in the environmental actions of all our clients/ followers without having to nail down a flag with our name and to be physically in that place at that time. What can a brand do to fulfill its purpose? What can a person do to help the planet? In the question is the answer. 

Act Now.
it's logic.
Because we still have a chance.

I founded it's logic with the purpose of being a leading actor in the fight against the use of single-use plastics, and created the logic bottle because I considered it a very good option for your day to day time to avoid the use of these disposable items, such as bottles of plastic water. If you have a useful item for your day to day like our flat bottle, it is more likely to accompany you during your journey so it is much more likely that you will not have the need to buy a plastic water bottle. It's logical, isn't it? Based on this logical argument I thought of making it's logic something else than a brand of bottles. In these times it is necessary that companies include in their plans different strategies that have future sustainability of the business, but at the same time future sustainability of your playing field: the planet. Our way to meet this challenge is to turn it's logic into a platform that mix design and responsibility with commitment and action for a planet better. It is a shame that this is such a common message that the public has already been waterproofed against so many "echo" messages, "responsible" and "sustainable", because ours really is. I made the decision a long time ago that it's logic would be a product brand and a technology platform.



We are on our way to achieve this. That's why on October 24th we will present something new. Something different. A tool to act now.

Do you want to join us? Keep an eye on this blog!