Your purchase clean forests

Your purchase clean forests

It is probably not the first time you read this blog and therefore you already know that it’s logic is not a bottle brand. In case it's your first time here, we want to welcome you and tell you that at it's logic we believe that if you exist, you can do something. It’s logic is the company that helps you act now in your day to day so that we all have a better world.

Now that you know us (forgive me those of you who already knew us for this intro), it's time to take advantage of this Black Friday 2020 to tell you a little more about what happens when you place an order on our website. Many times we believe that the design of our products makes our clients stay there and do not see beyond a good product. We love that there are orders exclusively motivated by design, but at the same time, we would love for you to see everything behind it’s logic as well. Much more than a bottle brand.



Your purchase clean forests. It is so. Why?

Thanks to the benefits generated by the sale of a product, at it's logic we carry out initiatives related to the improvement of the environment. For example, do you know of a company in which its workers organize every Friday morning to go out to clean the forest closest to the office? Sure there will be some, but I'm also sure you won't be able to tell me many. This is a necessary condition to work here: every Friday you have to take your gloves, a bag, and go out to clean nature.

On the other hand, I guess you already know our Act Now app. If not, I'll tell you quickly. Act Now is a platform that helps you act now for the planet and connect with all those who seek a better world. This app was born from the question that we asked ourselves every day: how can we involve more people? What can we do so that anyone who wants to act now can do so?

Also, Act Now is a free app. It is free because we can finance it thanks to your orders. When you buy a logic bottle, a logic go, or any of our products in our store, a part of that generated profit goes directly to the development and improvement of this App.


Forest cleanup thanks to it's logic bottle sold


That is: your purchase clean forests.

When you see and share a publication of ours: it cleans forests. 

When you recommend us or give us a like: it cleans forests.


it's logic, isn't it?


Thank you for having reached the end of this letter. Leave us a comment to send us love